What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

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The average time we spend on our phones is a prime example of why social media marketing works for businesses.

Simply put, it’s where we all live much of the day and what most people are looking at in their spare moments throughout the day – so everything you post there will have an audience who doesn’t even realize they’re viewing your content! 

It might be bad to stare into screens too long (especially if that screen has Facebook open), but when used properly with targeted audiences, this can give any business a boost from a marketing perspective.

Below, we’re going to open up the world of social media marketing. We’ll provide a basic definition and reveal the integral elements of an effective social media marketing plan. Let’s get right to it. 

What Is Social Media Marketing? 

Social media marketing allows you to build your brand in a way that few other digital marketing tools can. 

It harnesses platforms that exceed a billion users, like Facebook and Instagram; it also places you in contact with people all across the globe. 

In some instances, it’s free advertising. In other instances, you pay per click. But, the analytics speak for themselves: it works. 

At its core, social media management allows you to use social platforms to build your brand, draw in new leads, and increase sales. 

Best of all, a social media strategy is multi-faceted and can be leveraged in several ways. 

Marketing Basics

Social media is a powerful tool for generating organic growth, even if you are investing in paid ads. 

It targets audience members who would be interested in your product or service and can help to connect with people that might not know about it yet – like when someone posts on Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourselfie when they use one of our products (we love seeing all those selfies!).

Most of us do this anyway, even in our personal accounts. If you incorporate a few highly-trafficked keywords into your post, you’re bound to draw in new leads. 

Most people follow hashtags. For example, if they’re interested in organic beauty, they will follow that hashtag and a couple of others such as #cleanbeauty or #organic. 

If your post is engaging and lively enough, users might click through to your profile. From there, they’re only one more click away from your website, and, boom, you’ve drawn in new traffic. 

How Social Media Works

That’s an oversimplified version of social media marketing for businesses. Let’s roll up our sleeves and put the magnifying glass to the elements of a strong strategy. 

Account Setup and Profile Overview

Now that social media is an integral part of business, the first thing to do when starting a new company or website creates your own account on one (or more) networks. The “big four” are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube but there has been a surge in recent years for other platforms like Snapchat so be sure you choose wisely!

For any network(s), take time to set up your profile page – upload an eye-catching pic as well as info about what you have to offer. It’s also important not only to post content regularly but monitor comments too.

Then, it’s onto your bio. Flex your creativity muscles a bit here because you’re going to want to be brief yet humorous and effective. 

Tell people who you are, what you can do for them, and close with a call to action. Invite them to check out your organic essential oils, or simply visit your website. 

Include a link to your website prominently in your profile, so there’s no fishing around when a new lead comes to town. 


With your accounts gleaming and ready for attention, take some time to jot down your SMART goals. That is your specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals. 

Herein, you might commit to post twice a week and engage in the comments section three times each day. Or, you could go live on Facebook every Monday morning for an hour at 7:00 AM EST just by updating your status with “I’m living!” All of these goals have one thing in common – they’ll help increase brand awareness while generating new leads which will boost traffic to your webpage!


A great way to know thyself and thy competition are by taking a peek at what they’re up to. If you see that your competitor’s audience loves Facebook but is lagging behind on Instagram, you’ll need to get started there as well! That will help them understand which posts garner the most likes and comments–and what types of content their followers want more of.

Social Media Algorithms

This stage always sounds scarier than it is. In truth, you don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole here; it can prevent you from just being yourself (which should be the foundation of every post). 

Algorithms exist to “give the people what they want.” From a marketing perspective, they’re a good thing because it allows topics of interest to show up in users’ feeds (i.e., hashtags they’re interested in). 

Each platform employes different algorithms (and they’re constantly evolving). But, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of this hot-button item because it greatly affects who sees what on social media. 

Paid Ads

If you can do a lot of this for free, why do people invest in paid ads? Simply put, it broadens their reach. 

Paid ads give you instant visibility. We’ve all seen them at the top of a Google search and across the headers on Facebook. 

You can use targeted ads to boost brand awareness and get your message in front of potential customers. The best part is that you only pay if someone clicks, so it’s a risk-free way for testing the waters with small budgets before going all out on social media platforms.


Once upon a time, blogs and websites did well to post quality images to their sites. Now, it’s all about video. 

Websites, blogs, and social media platforms that leverage short videos outperform those that don’t

This is why TikTok continues to beef up its user list. People enjoy swiping through to watch one silly video after another. 

If you post a 20-second before-and-after from someone who’s utilized your organic face wash, you’re likely to stand tall above the crowd. 


Instagram stories are growing in popularity and one of the main reasons is that they’re interactive. 

You can answer poll questions, type into question boxes, or click through to other pages; these short videos keep viewers engaged with your content which makes them highly effective for getting more followers on Instagram. 

Whether you want a great story profile picture or an awesome video testimonial don’t waste any time perfecting your skills!

Content Calendars

Planning ahead will help you with any social media endeavor. Drafting a content calendar will keep your posts fresh and relevant to the people who follow them, while also helping you properly engage with potential customers on their terms. 

It’ll be tempting to only post blatant advertisements but don’t forget about educating or informing too! 

If there’s something new in your line of work, share some information about how what makes this product different from others because remember: nobody likes a pushy salesman if he doesn’t know his stuff as well as “the competition.”

Social Media Marketing Done Right

Social media marketing is a slow process – it requires dedication, patience, and creativity. You need to have your game plan or else you’ll never reach new heights! That’s why we want to help create that magnetism for any business without compromising on content creation strategies.

Here at Hays Digital Marketing Agency, we can handle all your digital marketing needs. We’ll manage your blog, update your website content, create compelling product descriptions, and more! 

We’ve dissected SEO in every way possible, and we’re here to boost your online prominence in several ways. Let us take some of the work off your plate while you focus on other components of your business. 

Feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to meet with you and help you develop your own marketing plan and blow the competition out of the water.

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